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Musee bunny 3 balm set

Make bath time an enchanting adventure with these whimsical bath balms that bring the joy of the Easter Bunny right into your tub. As your little ones drop these bath balms into the water, watch as they fizz and dissolve, releasing a burst of colors, delightful scents, and fun surprises. Made with gentle, kid-friendly ingredients, ensuring an enjoyable bath time for your little ones.

Surprise - Easter Trinkets inside!

Handmade with Care.
Each of Musee's products are handmade at their studios in Mississippi with natural and ethically-sourced ingredients by women who are in recovery from substance abuse and incarceration. Musee offers a safe place to work while their women rebuild their lives.

Giving Back.
Musee also proudly invests their profits into Crossroads Ministries, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Schools for Haiti, Tabitha Ministries and World Relief.

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