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Jack Black dragon ice

Dragon Ice® Pain Relieving Cream
with Dragon's Blood, MSM & Willowherb

This topical, non-greasy, pain-relieving cream helps improve performance and recovery time by delivering a warming, soothing effect on contact.
The proprietary blend of botanical ingredients is great to soothe minor backaches, sprains, soreness, arthritis, and muscle tension.
Use pre-exercise to warm-up muscles and increase circulation; use post exercise to treat aches and soothe muscle pain and tension.
Use any time to relieve areas of tension and stress, especially on neck and shoulders.

What's In It
Menthol:  Provides cooling and cleansing benefits to the skin.
Dragon’s Blood (Croton Lechleri Resin):  A dark red resin from a native tree of the upper Amazon. Soothes + provides cleansing and antioxidant benefits.
Menthyl Lactate:  A gentle derivative of menthol provides a refreshing, cooling sensation to skin.
Willowherb Extract:  A free radical scavenger, helps soothe and calm skin.
Beta-Glucan:  Derived from oats, it has antioxidant and skin-soothing benefits.
MSM (Dimethyl Sulfone):  Sulfur-derived ingredient known to help combat joint/muscle pain; helps improve physical function.
Ginger Root Extract:  A natural soothing agent with additional skin firming benefits.
Eucalyptus:  Known to aid in breathing, decongest, and invigorate.
Arnica Extract:  Helps soothe the body.

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