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Maya Chia mane agent

THE MANE AGENT™ | ADVANCED MOLECULAR BOND REPAIR  is an innovative multi-correctional, at-home, no-rinse, lightweight bonding treatment that deploys patented active ingredients that reduce the appearance of breakage and enhance the appearance of hair volume while nurturing the hair’s bonds.
The ultra-lightweight - yet potent - blend of ingredients pushes the bounds of clean beauty.
The cornerstone of the advanced clean formulation is our proprietary complex. This innovative complex consists of a combination of Chia Seed Extract, Polysaccharides, Amino Acids and nutrient-dense botanicals that work to strengthen the appearance of weakened hair and offer protection.

In a Consumer Usage Study conducted by a Third Party on 22 participants during a 2-week period:
+91% said it significantly improves the appearance and feel of the hair
+95% said the product is lightweight and added bounce to the hair
+ Named a Top Haircare Product in the 2023 Organic Beauty Spa Awards
+ Named one of the "Best Clean Beauty Products" by Vogue

Photos were provided by actual customers or study participants. These customers represent a small sample of purchasers - therefore, results may not be typical.

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