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No Mo-Stache facial razor

This is a fan favorite for a reason! The portable dermaplaning facial razor leaves you with luminous, dewy skin on-the-go.
The stainless steel blade is safe to use with all skincare and small enough for any on the go moments! Just unfold the razor, and watch the peach fuzz slide off like magic.
Great for those who use topical acids like salicylic, glycolic, fruit-based, and AHA acids that deeply exfoliate the face.

While holding skin taut, hold the razor at a 45 degree on the skin. Use short, feathery strokes to gently shave unwanted hairs.
This routine can be done on wet or dry skin. Try it after applying your favorite oils and serums for an effortless shave and glow!

Facial Razor should be replaced after 4-6 uses.

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